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Return to China

08-12-2013 » Language, Progress report, Travels » 0 kommentarer

IMG_1710First of all, dear family, friends, and fans, sorry for not updating the blog

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for quite a while. I will try my best to keep you in the loop for the future. Yes, I’m back in China, after four years away. And this time I’m putting some real effort into learning the language once and for all. I signed up for a nine month course at EF Beijing. It’s very intensive, and I’m learning a lot. In a few months I should be speaking and reading Mandarin like a pro. Well, maybe not like a local, but at least I will be able to communicate and continue learning without going to school every day.

So, I’ve been busy studying now for three months. And so far I’ve only been to Beijing (obviously) and Tianjin, which is a rather large city half an hour outside Beijing (on the fast train). I’ve also been to the great wall, north of Beijing (the photo). However, Christmas is fast approaching, and with that a three week vacation from school. My girlfriend and I are going to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Tokyo—in that order. Of course, I’ve been to Shenzhen before, but never to the other two cities. Les mer »

My new digital camera

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Family, friends, followers, and fans—I am back—this time in my favorite language: US English. As someone recently asked me: «Why do you tweet in English?» My friend was—and is—Norwegian, of course, and I had to explain that I don’t want to rob my international friends of the chance to actually understand my rants. As most of you know, I love to travel and make new friends, and let’s face it, folks; Norway is a tiny country, and not many people outside Norway—except maybe Swedes and Danes—can read Norwegian. And I, for one, don’t blame them! Tiny country, folks!

So, there you go; I tweet in English. And what’s new: From this day forth my blog will also be understandable to 99 % of my friends. Some parts may still suffer from the ancient Norse tongue, yet given time I will try to sort that out. Les mer »