2010 Highlights: TV and Movies

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2010 has been a blu year. Of the 214 movies watched, 164 were BDs (Blu-ray Discs). That’s 77%. Next is cinema with 30 titles (14%). DVDs are down to 17 titles (8%). The rest is cable, television, or download, 3 titles (1%). (See the chart below.)

It’s no wonder that the Blu-ray Disc portion is so large. When I converted from VHS to DVD, I quickly got rid of all the bulky cassettes. Not so with DVD when the BD format erupted. I’m still keeping a lot of them, because, let’s face it; DVD is still a helluva lot sexier than VHS, and doesn’t take up that much space.

As for the best movies seen for the first time in 2010, there’s no doubt. As I watched Avatar at a digital IMAX 3D cinema in Las Vegas, that’s a given first place. Silver is awarded to Inception, and Red Cliff gets bronze. As for TV series, Rome and Generation Kill take the lead, followed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. All these on BD, of course.

Here are some statistics:

This is what I’ve watched the recent years. The numbers are TV episodes and movies. See my Movie List for a complete record.

And here’s the chart on the different formats, with Blu-ray Disc being the leading choice:

Then there’s the collection. It hasn’t grown as much as previous years, from reasons obvious.

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I’m in a conversion phase where the DVD format has to yield in favor of BD (and 3D BD). I’ve added 146 BD-titles but at the same time removed 117 DVDs. That leaves me with 553 BDs and 654 DVDs, with a total of 1207 titles. That’s just 29 titles more than the previous year. It’s not about numbers anymore, it’s about quality.

The best buy of 2010 is by no doubt the Alien Anthology Collector’s Egg Edition, as pictured above. It glows in the dark and is really cool. Picture quality on all four movies is outstanding, and there’s a truckload of extra stuff I haven’t even begun watching yet.

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  1. Ayta | 01-01-2011, 16:13 | Permalink

    Great job:) I wish i would be able to forget Avatar and watch it in 3D instead of watching it on my laptop.

  2. Erik | 01-01-2011, 16:15 | Permalink

    I hear you, Ayta. I’m so glad I didn’t watch it in my home town but rather opted to wait and watch it in real 3D. 🙂 Is Avatar your favorite movie of 2010?

  3. Ayta | 01-01-2011, 17:49 | Permalink

    Well, it is definetely one of the favorites;) Hope there’ll be more interesting movies this year. Can’t get used to that number – 2011, looks kinda scary:(

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