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Happy May 17, friends and followers! It’s our National Day, and what better opportunity to update the blog? My science fiction novel Prometheus is still under consideration, as it was submitted to Schibsted Forlag March 1. It has received great reviews from my test readers, and I am hoping the same goes for the good gentlemen and ladies at the publisher. Only time will tell. I should receive an answer in the near future. Read more »

2010 Highlights: Books

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For some reason I didn’t read more than 14 books last year (2010), and that’s pretty low. I guess I must’ve been busy. 14 books compared to 33 the year before (2009). That’s 6,430 pages (2010) compared to 12,410 pages (2009). Average page count for 2010 is 459 pages per book. That’s pretty decent.

Let’s look at the stats for the long haul. Since I started chronicling my readings, way back in 1994, I’ve read 363 books. The page count is a dazzling 149,981. I’ve been as low as five books in a year (1999) and as high as 52 (2005). The record-breaking page count of 20,562 from that same year, still stands.

Why? You ask. Why read so much, and why keep score?

As Stephen King told us in his book On Writing: It’s important to read if you’re gonna write. For me, reading both collects and creates ideas. The books are my ammo cache. That’s where I go to refuel and better myself. As for keeping score: It’s mostly for fun. Read more »

2010 Highlights: TV and Movies

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2010 has been a blu year. Of the 214 movies watched, 164 were BDs (Blu-ray Discs). That’s 77%. Next is cinema with 30 titles (14%). DVDs are down to 17 titles (8%). The rest is cable, television, or download, 3 titles (1%). (See the chart below.)

It’s no wonder that the Blu-ray Disc portion is so large. When I converted from VHS to DVD, I quickly got rid of all the bulky cassettes. Not so with DVD when the BD format erupted. I’m still keeping a lot of them, because, let’s face it; DVD is still a helluva lot sexier than VHS, and doesn’t take up that much space.

As for the best movies seen for the first time in 2010, there’s no doubt. As I watched Avatar at a digital IMAX 3D cinema in Las Vegas, that’s a given first place. Silver is awarded to Inception, and Red Cliff gets bronze. As for TV series, Rome and Generation Kill take the lead, followed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. All these on BD, of course. Read more »

Happy New Year

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On this eve of the new year—a brand new decade, in fact—I allow myself to look back and reflect on the past twelve months. And as I sip at the Quarter Cask Laphroaig in my crystal tumbler, while listening to Klaus Doldinger’s masterpiece, Das Boot, I look up at the mountains where a splendid fireworks display is outshining the city lights, and I think of the past, with gladness in my heart, and with hope for the future. Read more »

Prometheus unveiled

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I’m happy to inform you all that there has been some progress regarding my upcoming novel Prometheus. It has been a work long overdue, and I can only apologize for the delay. The book is actually done. What I’m doing now is the final finish, the polish, so to speak. It’s not a major rewrite, but a few details have been changed or added. I’m putting more detail into the character development and I have added another subplot. My personal deadline is at the end of this year. In January I will be concentrating on my fantasy novel, which is written in English, while the publisher makes a decision on my novel. I have not decided on a publishing house yet. I have a few ideas, though. Read more »