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2012 is officially history, and as tradition calls, I will serve some personal statistics and reflections from the year left behind. (You may laugh, but I just love statistics, and I’ll always be a fan of lists. Sometimes it’s also very useful to keep track of things.)

Let’s talk books:

As I did quite a lot of writing myself, I only managed to read 20 books in 2012, compared to 24 the year before. The page count, however, is practically the same, with 9274 pages in 2011 and 9203 in 2012. The best three books of 2012 are these:

Neal Asher: Shadow of the Scorpion
Richard K. Morgan: The Cold Commands
Stephen King: 11/22/63

Unfortunately I did not manage to get my own novel printed in 2012, but I did a thorough rewrite, which I am very pleased with. My hope is that 2013 will see my book on the shelves (and on your computer/iPad).

Over to movies:

I watched 185 movies in

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2012. 137 on BD (Blu-ray Disc), 17 on DVD (now a legacy format), 26 at the cinemas, 2 on TV, and 3 on other venues (like iPad). Compared to the year before, that’s a drop in movies, from 189. Still, I’ve watched more movies on BD (137 versus 120 in 2011).

I also watched 282 episodes from 11 different TV series, compared to 332 the year before.

My collection of movies (and series) gained weight, now consisting of 1358 titles. 542 are DVD, 792 BD, and 24 BD3D (Blu-ray 3D). I added 147 titles on BD in 2012, and 22 on BD3D, while getting rid of 31 DVDs.

On traveling:

The number of countries I’ve visited has risen from 16 to 19. I’ve added Belgium, Luxembourg, and Singapore to the list. I also went to the UK, USA, and the Netherlands. I guess the will to travel never abates. I’ve only started to explore this world.


I wouldn’t call 2012 a very good year for me. I know, every day alive on this wonderful planet is a gift, and I haven’t been unhappy all the time, but 2012 definitely had some downs. The summer was horrible (what summer?), and my novel got postponed. I also lost my dad to cancer. On the upside I had a great vacation, twice, and I have so many good friends all over the world that I feel truly rich. That helps a lot.

2012 was a good year at the gym, and I’m in good shape now. Less alcohol, less eating, more working out. That is the key to feeling good about yourself. I’m not getting any younger, but I’m proud to say that I’ve probably never been more fit than right now.

My goals for 2013 are to continue on that note. During 2012 I slimmed down. In 2013 I will be gaining more muscle mass. That’s an important health factor. I’m aiming for 90 kilos and ripped before July 2013.

No problem.

My other goals are to publish my book and finally get started on improving my Chinese.

Mei wen ti!

For all my friends, family, fans, and followers, I wish a Happy New Year, and to see you all again.

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