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2011 was a good year for books. Not only did my own novel Prometheus, later renamed Skyggespinneren, win an award and become slated for publishing by one of the large Norwegian publishers, I also read through 24 books by 13 different authors, with a total of 9,274 pages. That’s a 44 % increase compared to 2010.

Many of these books were very good, and choosing one winner was difficult. Surprisingly no book reached the top score (10), but three books scored a 9. The winner is Neal Asher with The Line of Polity. And my reasoning for this is:

In this hard sci-fi novel Asher takes the term mad scientist to a whole new level, at the same time introducing a very fascinating planet (Masada), and the Polity dreadnought Occam Razor. The action is riveting and the thrills just keep coming. This book kept my interest the whole way and was almost unputdownable.

The other niners are: Slaughterhouse-Five and Empire of Silver.

My own novel—Skyggespinneren—will be released in hardcover here in Norway this spring. The English title will be The Shadowmaker. It’s the first book in a series written for young adults and adults with imagination.

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  1. Neal Asher | 26-01-2012, 17:42 | Permalink

    Thank you kindly!

  2. Salah | 07-08-2014, 13:19 | Permalink

    Nice list. I think this decade is going great for sci-fi. I sholud read Glasshouse. Accelerando was hmmm.Not such a great decade for fantasy, though there are a few interesting authors out there. Pratchett keeps going from strength to strength with each book, how does he do that?

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