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2012 in numbers

01-01-2013 » Book List, Contemplation, Movies, Travels, TV » 0 kommentarer

2012 is officially history, and as tradition calls, I will serve some personal statistics and reflections from the year left behind. (You may laugh, but I just love statistics, and I’ll always be a fan of lists. Sometimes it’s also very useful to keep track of things.) Les mer »

Happy New Year

01-01-2011 » Contemplation, Science Fiction » 3 kommentarer

On this eve of the new year—a brand new decade, in fact—I allow myself to look back and reflect on the past twelve months. And as I sip at the Quarter Cask Laphroaig in my crystal tumbler, while listening to Klaus Doldinger’s masterpiece, Das Boot, I look up at the mountains where a splendid fireworks display is outshining the city lights, and I think of the past, with gladness in my heart, and with hope for the future. Les mer »