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2015 & 2016: TV & movie numbers

01-01-2017 » Home Theater, Movies, TV » 4 kommentarer

Here is the summary of the last two years’ worth of TV and movie watching. Blu-ray Disc (correctly written BD for short) is the dominating format by far, followed by Blu-ray 3D (BD3D). In 2016 we watched 156 movies, a 7 % decrease compared to 2015, where we watched 167 movies. As for TV episodes we watched 231 compared to 282 the year before. This is 18 % down. I am not sure of the reason. Maybe we had a lot more to do during summer 2016. Les mer »

2014 in numbers: Movie & TV

06-01-2015 » Film, Home Theater, Movies, TV » 0 kommentarer


It’s time to write about the movies and TV shows of yesteryear, and as an illustration photo I’ve chosen the TV series Vikings from 2013. This is probably what the historical vikings would’ve dressed like in battle. They weren’t all rich lords able to dress in steel and chain from toe to nose, most didn’t even have helmets. Some had chain mail under their clothes. Their tactics and skills with weapons were excellent, and combined with fearlessness derived from their belief that if they died in combat they would soon sit by Thor’s left side in Valhalla and drink mead from cups made of horn, they were indeed fierce fighters.

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2013 in numbers

21-01-2014 » Book List, Home Theater, Movies, Travels, TV » 4 kommentarer

Leaving Las Vegas January 12, I returned to Norway. Then I spent the Easter in Surfers Paradise. Spring on New Zealand, visiting Hobbiton. Had an unusually warm summer in Tromsø, then (after a stopover in Indonesia) moved on to the Northern Capital of Asia, Beijing, where I commenced learning Chinese. Christmas brought me to Tokyo with my new girlfriend, and the (Western) New Year’s Eve we spent in Shenzhen, Southern China. Les mer »

2012 in numbers

01-01-2013 » Book List, Contemplation, Movies, Travels, TV » 0 kommentarer

2012 is officially history, and as tradition calls, I will serve some personal statistics and reflections from the year left behind. (You may laugh, but I just love statistics, and I’ll always be a fan of lists. Sometimes it’s also very useful to keep track of things.) Les mer »

2010 Highlights: TV and Movies

01-01-2011 » Home Theater, Movies, TV » 3 kommentarer

2010 has been a blu year. Of the 214 movies watched, 164 were BDs (Blu-ray Discs). That’s 77%. Next is cinema with 30 titles (14%). DVDs are down to 17 titles (8%). The rest is cable, television, or download, 3 titles (1%). (See the chart below.)

It’s no wonder that the Blu-ray Disc portion is so large. When I converted from VHS to DVD, I quickly got rid of all the bulky cassettes. Not so with DVD when the BD format erupted. I’m still keeping a lot of them, because, let’s face it; DVD is still a helluva lot sexier than VHS, and doesn’t take up that much space.

As for the best movies seen for the first time in 2010, there’s no doubt. As I watched Avatar at a digital IMAX 3D cinema in Las Vegas, that’s a given first place. Silver is awarded to Inception, and Red Cliff gets bronze. As for TV series, Rome and Generation Kill take the lead, followed by Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. All these on BD, of course. Les mer »