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13-12-2012 » Progress report, Science Fiction » 0 kommentarer

The rollercoaster ride that is 2012 is finally drawing to a conclusion. It’s been a crazy ride of ups and downs, but of course we persevere to write another day. Most unfortunately I lost my father, and then my editor quit her job at Schibsted Forlag, in the middle of the process of finishing Skyggespinneren. I have complete faith in my publisher, but losing your editor in the middle of

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the process is bad news indeed. What happens if the new editor disagrees with the old? Do I start all over again? I don’t think I will.

The good news is that the chief editor seems to like the third draft, with only minor adjustments suggested. That is fine by me. My side project Tidevann is also done in its first draft, but no conclusion has been drawn to it. Recently I have begun working on the sequel to Skyggespinneren, while also adding to the timeline of the series. There’s still some work to be done there.

As of right now I’m still waiting for a new editor. I’m hoping there will be no more delays. Fingers crossed.

Prometheus deconstructed

01-10-2011 » Progress report, Science Fiction » 10 kommentarer

Autumn is here, and the starship Prometheus has been launched on its long journey toward the bookstores. The path leads through uncharted territory, and like the colossal dreadnoughts of Neal Asher’s universe, it will change form along the way. The mission, however, will remain the same, but the title will change. E-mails have been flying through cyberspace between my editor and I, and we have agreed on some necessary changes.

The title will remain secret for a little while longer. I don’t want Ridley Scott or James Cameron to ruin this one!

As for the changes, some weight will be shed, and some chapters rearranged. The kids, Davi and Lieta, are moved up in the story to better accommodate young adult readers, as was my intention. Title in place, cover illustrations process initiated, synopsis and marketing teasers launched. All that remains is for me to rearrange all pages, to deconstruct and redeploy all the might of this galactic behemoth. Of course, that

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isn’t the end of it, but it’s a good beginning.

And yes, this is only the first book of a series.

Thanks for all the support, you guys! And don’t forget to follow my tweets for frequent updates.

Prometheus victorious

20-06-2011 » Progress report, Science Fiction » 2 kommentarer

The last few days have been a rollercoaster ride for me, and I mean that in a positive manner—as I love rollercoasters. Even when in the dumps, they are fun! Got a phonecall from Schibsted Forlag—a major Norwegian publishing house—telling me I was one of the finalists in their grand competition. So I went to Oslo on Sunday, June 12 and presented myself on Tuesday, June 14, at the publisher, talked to the press, and received the Special Award of the Jury (in Norwegian: Juryens spesialpris) for the novel Prometheus.

On that note, friends and followers, it’s as good as it gets. Prometheus will be published, on paper, and maybe later as an e-book, by the fourth largest publishing house in Norway. And the award? 50,000 NOK prepaid, not a fortune but a very decent start of things to come (I hope). Les mer »

2010 Highlights: Books

08-01-2011 » Book List, Science Fiction » 0 kommentarer

For some reason I didn’t read more than 14 books last year (2010), and that’s pretty low. I guess I must’ve been busy. 14 books compared to 33 the year before (2009). That’s 6,430 pages (2010) compared to 12,410 pages (2009). Average page count for 2010 is 459 pages per book. That’s pretty decent.

Let’s look at the stats for the long haul. Since I started chronicling my readings, way back in 1994, I’ve read 363 books. The page count is a dazzling 149,981. I’ve been as low as five books in a year (1999) and as high as 52 (2005). The record-breaking page count of 20,562 from that same year, still stands.

Why? You ask. Why read so much, and why keep score?

As Stephen King told us in his book On Writing: It’s important to read if you’re gonna write. For me, reading both collects and creates ideas. The books are my ammo cache. That’s where I go to refuel and better myself. As for keeping score: It’s mostly for fun. Les mer »

Happy New Year

01-01-2011 » Contemplation, Science Fiction » 3 kommentarer

On this eve of the new year—a brand new decade, in fact—I allow myself to look back and reflect on the past twelve months. And as I sip at the Quarter Cask Laphroaig in my crystal tumbler, while listening to Klaus Doldinger’s masterpiece, Das Boot, I look up at the mountains where a splendid fireworks display is outshining the city lights, and I think of the past, with gladness in my heart, and with hope for the future. Les mer »