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Prometheus unveiled

31-10-2010 » Science Fiction, Work in progress » 1 kommentar

I’m happy to inform you all that there has been some progress regarding my upcoming novel Prometheus. It has been a work long overdue, and I can only apologize for the delay. The book is actually done. What I’m doing now is the final finish, the polish, so to speak. It’s not a major rewrite, but a few details have been changed or added. I’m putting more detail into the character development and I have added another subplot. My personal deadline is at the end of this year. In January I will be concentrating on my fantasy novel, which is written in English, while the publisher makes a decision on my novel. I have not decided on a publishing house yet. I have a few ideas, though. Les mer »


04-08-2008 » Book List, Litteratur, Science Fiction » 1 kommentar

Hva har Ann Arbor til felles med Tromsø?

Jo, de er begge studentbyer. Førstnevnte i Michigan, USA, sistnevnte i Troms fylke, Norge, men hva har denne amerikanske byen med Dune å gjøre? Les mer »