2015 & 2016: TV & movie numbers

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Here is the summary of the last two years’ worth of TV and movie watching. Blu-ray Disc (correctly written BD for short) is the dominating format by far, followed by Blu-ray 3D (BD3D). In 2016 we watched 156 movies, a 7 % decrease compared to 2015, where we watched 167 movies. As for TV episodes we watched 231 compared to 282 the year before. This is 18 % down. I am not sure of the reason. Maybe we had a lot more to do during summer 2016.

Format 2015/2016:

BD 130/128
BD3D 16/17
DVD 3/3
Cinema 18/0
TV 0/1
Other 0/7

The numbers above speak for themselves. BD dominates by far, followed by BD3D. DVD is low, of course. Watching this old format on a 65 inch TV is really hard on the eyes. As for the sudden drop in cinema visits, I blame it on a very bad experience in Saigon, 2015. There is indeed a very special Hell for people talking during movies, especially if they talk all the time and won’t listen to your warnings. That’s why I’d rather invest in good equipment at home, and save me the anguish. If I pay premium price for a one-time experience, I expect it to deliver. People are just too noisy at the cinemas. The Other category in 2016 is in-flight movies. Quality there has been raised on the modern planes, and now you can finally watch the whole movie, i.e. in widescreen, on the plane.

Also on TV shows it’s mostly BD. The reason is the much higher quality in picture and sound and the fact that Blu-rays have been really cheap lately, especially boxed sets. We used to pay NOK 999 for one season of a good TV show on DVD. Now you can get a whole show like Sopranos (6 seasons) for just 599 online. Streaming and downloading just can’t compete with that, and the fact that you have a 100 % legal product which you own, with premium quality and bonus features, makes the choice a simple one.

Yes, I have been an advocate for physical video a long time. While music is all in my computer, nothing so far beats my wall of fame, my collection of movies and TV boxes. I’ve been collecting movies since the VHS era, circa 1992. These are the numbers as of December 31, 2016:

BD 1131
DVD 521
BD3D 79
4K UHD 9

TOTAL 1740

The year 2016 added 108 titles to the collection, 9 of these the new physical video format 4K UHD, which is even better than Blu-ray. I don’t have the equipment to watch them yet, but that comes early 2017. Yes, Blu-ray Disc is indeed an old format now. It first came in 1997, thus is now a decade matured. 4K has four times the resolution, plus better sound, and is completely region free. I do not aim to replace all my Blu-rays, but a few chosed movies will be reaquired. Most likely if I have them only on DVD or not at all. I’m confident that my wife will agree, she’s already convinced by the quality of Blu-ray compared to DVD or streaming.

One last thing: Here is the best movie and the best TV show watched for the first time these last two years:

Year/TV show/Movie:

2015: Boardwalk Empire (2010)/Interstellar (2014)

2016: House of Cards (2013)/Under sandet (2015)

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  1. Ken Jensen | 16-01-2017, 09:55 | Permalink

    En mektig imponerende liste, Erik, samt en imponerende vegg. If you don’t like the wall of fame, you must walk through the door of shame.

  2. Ken Jensen | 16-01-2017, 10:18 | Permalink

    Jeg er forresten enig i det du skriver om oppførsel på kino. Det burde være egne ordensvakter til stede under forestillingene, slik at uønskede elementer kan bli kastet ut av salen. Det er en grunn til at heller ikke vi går ofte på kino. For det første er det billigere å kjøpe filmen på video, og for det andre vet man aldri hva slags opplevelse man kan få på kino. Den siste filmen vi så, var Passengers, som var overraskende god, til tross for at vi ikke liker den kvinnelige hovedrolleinnehaveren; hun kan ikke spille.

  3. Erik Martenson | 23-01-2017, 21:49 | Permalink

    Så enig, Ken! Og bra sagt angående min Wall. Ser frem til Passengers. Film er best hjemme! 🙂

  4. WilburnEnsup | 21-01-2020, 21:33 | Permalink

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